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Clinical Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma: A New Dimension in Regenerative Medicine

Jesús J. Alcaraz, Antonio A. Oliver, Juana María J.M. Sánchez, Jerónimo J. Lajara

Department of Hematologist, Catholic University San Antonio, Hospital Mesa del Castillo (Unión Murciana de Hospitales), Murcia, Spain

Med Sci Rev 2015; 2:111-120

DOI: 10.12659/MSRev.895455

Available online:

Published: 2015-10-21

ABSTRACT: The use of plasma rich in platelet growth factors has become a technique increasingly used in various fields of medicine. Since its inception in use in sports medicine and dental implants in the mid-1980s, gradually it has expanded its field of use in clinical specialties as diverse as otolaryngology, plastic surgery, dermatology, general surgery, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, and neurosurgery. The power cell tropism for certain tissues, attributed to growth factors, has recently stimulated consideration of a new medical discipline – regenerative medicine. Not only has it experienced an ever increasing boom in various medical specialties, but it has simultaneously exponentially increased types and methodology for use, even for the same pathology. So much so that now its use has exceeded the capacity to produce scientific evidence for successful clinical application. The objective of this study was to conduct an objective review of what is called “plasma rich in platelet growth factors” or more commonly known as “platelet-rich plasma (PRP)”. The former term is more used in the scientific literature on production methods and clinical applications, where there has been more scientific evidence. Those applications, although still lacking solid scientific basis, are interesting from the point of view of clinical and preclinical use.

Keywords: platelet-rich plasma, Receptors, Growth Factor, regenerative medicine